My unusual illustrated memoir/​creative nonfiction book is now released!

You can order it at bookstores or at online retailers.

Advanced praise for Numinosity: A Fractured Memoir

"Linda Morganstein’s Numinosity: A Fractured Memoir creates a whole new genre—a visual/​verbal art form—that surprises and delights the reader with every turn of the page. The book is smart and funny, but also filled with an underlying seriousness that will take you to the depths of your resources and imagination."
--Mary Swander, Poet Laureate of Iowa

"If Life and Mad magazines had a child it would be Morganstein’s Numinosity. But, her’s is funnier – and often darker. The book challenges the reader to examine their own past - and compare it to a life story that seems unbelievable, but is as absolutely true as it is creatively re-imagined. I had the great privilege of working with Linda Morganstein as this triumph of faith was shepherded from a sculptural installation to its current form: a genre-busting memoir that deftly blends the original visual and written elements into one creative powerhouse.
Morganstein’s memoir takes creative non-fiction to a whole new level. It skates on that razor thin edge between truth and fabrication. Even her magazine’s “product placements” – satirical ads for imaginary goods and services – have a sharp grain of truth in them and are almost as ridiculous as their real-world counterparts."
--Jill Waterhouse, internationally exhibited sculptor and artist's mentor

“Morganstein provides a clever new way to tell her life story through a creative combination of written word and visual narrative. 'Life' Magazine is an evident theme, with detailed and professional quality layouts, personal family photos, biographical stories, and satirical advertisements. The honesty of her story makes this multifaceted book a page turner, sharing difficult times, delicate moments, fun adventures and true humor. Numinosity is one of the most approachable and creative ways to tell an autobiography I have experienced, in a format that anyone would be interested in exploring.”   
–Kate Renee, professional artist and art business consultant


Linda Morganstein is an award-winning, overeducated writer who happens to be the product of a Borscht Belt childhood in the Jewish hotels of the Catskills. In the seventies, she dropped out of Vassar College and drove a VW van to California, where she lived in Sonoma County for many years. Later, she studied creative writing with Jane Smiley in Iowa. She is the author of novels, short stories, video scripts, and poetry. The bi-coastal transplant currently resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with her understanding partner, Melanie.

On an ironic note concerning her dropping out of Vassar: It seems that the venerable institution considers a person to be an alumna even if one never graduated. Linda discovered herself listed among the "lost" on the Alumni web site. She is now officially "found." She actually feels cozy and reborn, in the recovering the past department.

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