Numinosity: A Fractured Memoir

I grew up in a culture of oral storytelling. My Aunt Kyra rivaled Homer in her ability to turn an incident into an epic narrative of life and death proportions. She didn’t need to pause or breath. Like a soap opera goddess, she breathed inspiration instead of air.
Recently, I had an artistic epiphany. I considered myself a fiction writer. Yet, I’d always played in visual arts, including photography. I created a project that combines visual elements with poetry and prose in an epic narrative that is both text and pictorial. Not illustrated poetry or artwork with words in it, but a piece that is memoir, cultural history, spirituality and philosophy combined into a whole in which the text and imagery are interdependent and both necessary to the whole.

The narrative takes the form of a magazine that resembles Life magazine, but I have invented a magazine called Numinosity. I have invented all the content. The components include my poetry, prose, philosophic inquiry, old and new photographs, and altered photo images.

Each “chapter” of the work is an issue of the magazine. Each of these takes place in a time period--the fifties, sixties, seventies, up until the two thousands, in which the magazine (and my father) die. Advertising is critical to the theme. My invented ads reflect the times and my relationship with my parents, especially with my father.